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A world where I want to turn writers into successful authors.   How we do that? By using my expertise, experience and knowledge of being a publisher for over 25 years. Before I became a New York Times best-selling author, before the internet, before social media and before there were independent self-publishing black owned companies.  I was publishing friends who wanted to have their stories read.    

I never thought I would be a New York Times best-selling author.  Never in my wildest dreams did I see myself as an author of 17 books.  But God has a way to use all of us for his purpose.  I give Him all the praises for my success. 

If you want to become a self-published author of any kind of genre. I can make it happen.  From Children books, cookbooks, fiction and nonfiction…inspirational to self-help.

I thank you for stopping by and checking my business. And I would love to talk with you on how we can work together to make that book inside of you become a reality.  I believe in giving my clients personal service.  You will get my cell number so as a client you can call me anytime. Never get a person you don’t know or they know you.  That is what publishing companies offer you that are not connected to their clients. 


J L King


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This package is for writers and authors who need a ghost writer or writing coach to help write the manuscript, provide creative input on a manuscript, provide chapter to chapter feedback and assistance or to write the manuscript with input from the client.  

The book is ghost written and co wrote by New York Times bestselling author JL King and he also gives a personal endorsement on the cover of the book.  


COST:  This service is based on the clients need to finish a manuscript.

(includes professional content and copy editing)



This package is for after the manuscript is finished and approved by the client.

The next steps needed are:


1.  Full book cover (front, spine and back) Need copy for back cover. Client gets 3 concepts from a professional designer and client can make changes on the cover (up to 3) until satisfied).  

3 Authors package (author’s pic, bio, book symposis). This is used as pre promotional materials and to promote the client pre and post of the release of the book

4.  Web site to sell and promote the authors message. (Optional not included in the price)

5.  Formatting of book for page count and printing

6.  Ebook formatting (optional not included in the price)

7.  The client is responsible for getting the final approved manuscript copy written.


COST:  Based on needs of client



Printing of books


COST:  Depends of the final book page count.  Estimate $5.00 - $7.00 per unit. Plus shipping, taxes and a one time set up fee of $45.00


The time-frame for books to be printed and shipped out is 5 – 10 weeks from the day the files are submitted.


We also can put the finished book on Amazon.



Pre and post marketing launch


1.  Media exposure. We try to book you on radio talk shows (on and off line)

2.  Shop your story to print media (electronic)

3.  Create marketing materials (flyers to market the book)

4.  Promote the book on all social media platforms

Time is TBD
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